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Startup company focusing on smart and effective cooperation with patrtners. Experienced Team – over 20 consultants with an average of more than 10 years experience in digital transformations.

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About Us

About Us

We are start-up company but our target is to build our success story as fast as it will be possible.

Our efforts are addressed for customers needs in staffing and IT services for projects connected with transformation programs and business as usual in development and maintenance of systems.

We want to deliver only the very best candidates, with strong experience, customer industry knowledge and deeply involved in customer world.

Our experience allows us to provide conversations and presentations for business and technology players on every level of customer enterprise.

We can provide more material, but we dont’t to speak to much about us and waste your time for too much of our marketing, we prefer to listen what is important for you and identify your needs together – so let’s connect and discuss how we can help.

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Job Description:
  • Designing state-of-the-art Big Data solutions addressing various business usecases with respect to architecture, technologies, data model, integrations, data transformation
  • Working in agile team focused on delivering fast business results while maintaining good coding standards and following defined architecture
  • Min 5 years of experience in designing Big Data solutions and data models
  • Strong knowledge of Data Warehouse, Big Data and NoSQL concepts
  • Practical knowledge of microservice architecture
  • Experience in Agile is a strong plus
  • Experience in public cloud big data solutions is a plus
  • Knowledge of UML and Enterprise Architect is a plus
Technology stack:
  • Hadoop, Oozie, Sqoop, Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Airflow, Flink, Cassandra, Hive
Job Description:
  • Developing state-of-the-art Big Data solutions addressing various business usecases
  • Working in agile team focused on delivering fast business results while maintaining good coding standards and following defined architecture
  • Experience in Big data and DWH
  • Strong knowledge of Data Warehouse concepts, ETL and integrating business event based datasources
  • Experience in Agile is a strong plus
  • Experience in public cloud big data solutions is a plus
Technology stack:
  • Hadoop, Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Airflow, Flink, Hive
Programing languages:
  • Python/Scala/Java, SQL
  • Experience level: Mid
  • Min. 2 years of Agile development experience, with agile coach or similar experience (preferably for a large institution)
  • Telco market experience would be advantage
  • Ability to coach team on agile practices and ensures adherence to agile methodology to deliver maximum business value on time
  • Strong communication skills with ability to communicate complex messages and teach new concepts
  • Able to resolve conflicts within the team before they become an issue, i.e. a strong mediator
  • Actively coaches and mentors in order to grow and maximize the team’s potential
  • Deep knowledge of relevant domains/products/journeys
  • Ability to promote innovative thinking and self-improvement within the team
  • Confident and skilled at navigating the team through road-blocks to allow sprints to be completed on time
  • Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around them
  • Necessary on this position: Agile
Project you can join
  • Guides the team and organization on how to use agile practices methodologies
  • Coaches the team; facilitates transparent and adaptive team culture
  • Supports product owner on release planning and backlog management
  • Removes impediments such as cultural barriers or logistic challenges
  • Fosters close cooperation across all team members, encourages cross-training and supporting each other
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration inside and outside the team
  • Implements Agile process, principles and practices across all levels of the team and organization
  • Fosters self-organization and growth within the team
  • Builds a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of punishment

In our company DevOps Engineers are independent and self-organized individual contributors in our digital program team. As a DevOps Engineer, you will work on automating all aspects of our program delivery, architecture, design, implementation, test and optimization, and set up a complete pipeline on a corporate scale new IT. You will be part of a team who’s mission is to build and run a modern telco operation for millions of customers.

Your mission
  • Optimize systems for performance, flexibility and maintainability
  • Automate, automate, to facilitate your job and the job of all team members around you
  • Develop and improve continuous deployment pipeline(s) for all our IT components
  • Give back to the community by sharing internally and contributing to open-source projects
  • Lead by example and coach other team members, from ops or dev, to grow the team capability
Who you are and what you know
  • You are passionate about DevOps culture, well-designed software and uncompromised quality
  • You are able to see and understand the big picture of complex real-time environments
  • Strong experience with at least one of the following languages: Go, Node, Ruby, C/C++, Java, Scala
  • Self-motivated with curiosity for new solutions and relentless problem solving skills
  • Very good understanding of Linux administration and internals
  • Experience with version control, specifically Git, and Docker
  • Understanding and familiarity of the fundamentals of Linux scripting languages
What could be useful
  • A large experience with continuous delivery pipeline, in high volume real-time platform
  • Contribution to open-source projects, and personal GitHub projects
  • Experience operating large-scale, distributed, business-critical systems
  • Experience with configuration automation solutions (Ansible and/or Puppet, Saltstack)
  • Experience with MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL in a production environment
Technologies we work with
  • Java, Scala, Go, React, JS, HTML5
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • REST APIs, APIgee, Webmethod
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • GitLab CI, Jenkins, GoCD
  • and… the new ones you will introduce with us!

In our company scrum masters are independent and self-organized individual contributors who work in autonomous teams. As a Scrum Master in one of our digital teams, you will be engaged in all aspects of the delivery UX, design, implementation, test and optimization. Your will engage with your team, support experiments for improvement and join our mission to craft the optimal mobile experience for our millions of customers, make it easy and fun to register and enjoy our services

Your mission
  • Craft a mobile app for many customers to enjoy
  • Motivate your team in order to improve quality, learning and efficiency, and encourage and support experiments for improvement
  • Setup team boards, radiators to establish visibility of team goals and transparency
  • Build a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis on healing and problem-solving
  • Provide all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example
  • Help your team follow agreed processes, ceremonies, and ensure the DoD (Definition of done) is being followed
  • Facilitate discussion, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Remove impediments or guide the team to remove impediments
  • Assess the maturity of the team and environment and coach to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and its environment
  • Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
  • Support and educate the Product Owner, especially on grooming and maintaining the product backlog
  • Guide the team and organisation on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values to delight customers
Who you are and what you know
  • You are passionate about engaging people to bring their best at work
  • You love technology and crafting solutions for millions of users to enjoy
  • You love going the extra mile to deeply understand their needs and delight customers
  • You love collaborating with Business, Developers, DevOps and QA colleagues to continuously improve as a team
  • You are self-motivated with strong organisational skills
What could be useful
  • Experience in playing the Scrum Master role for at least one year for a software development team that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory. (adjusted based on necessity)
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency
  • Knowledge of well-documented tools (JIRA, Confluence), patterns and techniques to support your team: scrum board, burndown, retrospective, handling bugs, etc…
  • Experience with TDD, QA automation and in general software pipeline automation practices
  • Experience with software engineering best practices: version control, testing, code quality and automation
  • Experience with mobile or web frontend development teams
  • Experience with scalability, performance tuning of complex backend and mobile environments
  • Experience with API exposure, identity management solutions and security best practices
Technologies we work with
  • Java, Angular, JS, HTML5
  • React Native, iOS, Android
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • REST APIs, APIgee, Webmethod
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • Jenkins, GoCD
Expected knowledge/experience:

Experience as Billing Architect in System Analysis and Design and Solution Architecture including business, functional and technical architecture.

Expertise overs all aspects Billing, including pre and post-paid billing, real-time rating, general ledger, and revenue assurance on billing implementation in projects for big organizations.

  • Experienced billing architect with a proven track record in IT transformation projects
  • Deep knowledge of telecom industry, especially billing systems, business and technical processes used by telecom operators
  • Knowledge of main billing systems
  • Deep understanding of financial requirements, controlling processes and accounting standards including IFRS
  • Good awareness of best practices in Product Catalogue modelling
  • Able to manage complex end-to-end implementations
  • Business Process Analysis Tools: Enterprise Architect, ARIS
  • Telco Frameworks: eTOM (Business Processes), SID (Data model)
  • Architecture Frameworks: TOGAF, Zachman, Archimate
  • Programming: Java, Perl, C/C++, PL/SQL, T-SQL
  • DBMS: Oracle 8i,9i,10g, MS SQL, NoSQL
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